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Everwood Renewable Energy

Ever since 2015, Everwood has successfully set up and managed four Investment funds with an investment strategy focusing on renewable energy.

Funds I, II and III

Between 2015-2019, Everwood successfully set up, invested in and managed three Funds with a combined capital of approximately 150 million, focusing on the acquisition of regulated photovoltaic assets, completing around 20 transactions of this kind during this period.

In September 2019, Everwood sold all of the investee stakes of these three funds together, generating significant capital gains for its investors:

Renewable Funds I

  • Annual Gross IRR
  • Annual Net IRR(1)
  • Gross Investment Multiple
  • Net Investment Multiple(1)
  • 22,0%
  • 17,8%
  • 1,72x
  • 1,55x

Renewable Funds II

  • Annual Gross IRR
  • Annual Net IRR(1)
  • Gross Investment Multiple
  • Net Investment Multiple(1)
  • 22,3%
  • 18,6%
  • 1,64x
  • 1,49x

Renewable Funds III

  • Annual Gross IRR
  • Annual Net IRR(1)
  • Gross Investment Multiple
  • Net Investment Multiple(1)
  • 43,3%
  • 33,1%
  • 1,93x
  • 1,69x

Note(1): The net returns take into account all costs arising from the management fee and the success fee.

Fund IV

Everwood Capital Fund IV invests in the construction of non-subsidised Photovoltaic Projects in Southern Europe.

Everwood has a proven team investing the fourth fund with a current commitment of €300 m, including the Spanish Government through the FOND ICO,and with the aim of investing in a diversified portfolio of approximately 1,000 MW in Spain, Portugal and Italy in market-based projects (no regulatory risk/no subsidies).

The combination of high radiation + availability of land + low costs + low representation in the generation mix makes this the perfect market for non-subsidised solar energy, with more efficient, cheaper and more sustainable technology.

Fund V

Following the success of its Funds I to III, and close to completing the investment commitments of its Fund IV, Everwood Capital launched its new Fund V during the last quarter of 2020, with a similar strategy to Fund IV. Fund V of Everwood will concentrate on investing in the construction of a diversified portfolio of photovoltaic plants and will be focused on unsubsidized projects (greenfield merchant projects with no regulatory risk) in the Iberian Peninsula and Italy.

Desafío Solar Project – 50 MW – Escatrón, Zaragoza


Everwood has a pipeline of over 70 transactions in Spain, Italy and Portugal which are currently being analysed and which meet the return and size targets of Fund IV, with a total capacity reaching 6.000MW.

Among the transactions analysed are projects with different technology, both with fixed structures and single-axis trackers, as well as in different regions, the southern half of Spain being the area with the highest concentration of projects due to its increased radiation.Additionally, most transactions were carried out directly by the Everwood team without intermediaries and executed on a bilateral basis subject to exclusivity.

Our Projects


Power (MW): 40,00


Power (MW): 256,30


Power (MW): 300,00


Power (MW): 50,00


Power (MW): 100,00


Power (MW): 0,8

Everwood Private Equity

Everwood Capital draws on the extensive experience of its investment team to carry out investments in SMEs in strategic and high value-added sectors.

Everwood's venture capital division currently manages holdings in a total of 2 companies with annual sales of over €40 million.

Current portfolio: Catral Garden / Saffron Packers

Everwood Real Estate

Everwood Real Estate has an investment team that seeks to capitalise on the high return potential existing in the Spanish real estate market.

It also focuses on seeking out investment strategies and synergies that are complementary to Renewable Energy and PE investment activities.

Current portfolio: Commercially run car park in Malaga.