Everwood Capital manages several highly specialised investment vehicles


Renewable Energy


Private Equity

Everwood Renewable Energy

Since 2015, Everwood has successfully raised and managed four Investment Funds with an Investment strategy focusing on renewable energies.

Funds I, II and III

Between 2015-2019, Everwood successfully successfully raised, invested in and managed three Funds with a combined capital of c.150 million, focused on the acquisition of regulated photovoltaic assets, completing around c. 20 operations of these characteristics.

In September 2019, Everwood jointly sold all the holdings of these three Funds, obtaining significant capital gains for its investors:

Renewable Funds I

  • Annual Gross IRR
  • Net IRR(1)
  • Gross Investment Multiple
  • Net Investment Multiple(1)
  • 22,0%
  • 17,8%
  • 1,72x
  • 1,55x

Renewable Funds II

  • Annual Gross IRR
  • Net IRR(1)
  • Gross Investment Multiple
  • Net Investment Multiple(1)
  • 22,3%
  • 18,6%
  • 1,64x
  • 1,49x

Renewable Funds III

  • Annual Gross IRR
  • Net IRR(1)
  • Gross Investment Multiple
  • Net Investment Multiple(1)
  • 43,3%
  • 33,1%
  • 1,93x
  • 1,69x

Note(1): Net returns take into account all costs derived from the management fee and the success fee.

Fund IV

Everwood Capital Fund IV invests in the construction of subsidy-free Photovoltaic Projects in Southern Europe.

Everwood has a proven team investing the fourth fund with a current commitment of €300m, including the Government of Spain through the FOND ICO, and with the aim of investing in a diversified portfolio of c.1,000 MW in Spain, Portugal and Italy in market projects (without regulatory risk/without subsidies).

The combination of high radiation + land availability + low costs + low penetration penetration in the generation mix make it an ideal market for solar energy, without subsidies, being the most efficient, cheap and sustainable technology.

Fund V

The manager Everwood Capital, after the successes obtained in its Funds I to III, and close to completing the investment commitments of its Fund IV, constitutes its new Fund V during the last quarter of 2020, with a similar strategy. Everwood's Fund V will focus on investing in the construction of a diversified portfolio of photovoltaic plants and will focus on market-based projects - without regulatory risk and without subsidies - in the Iberian Peninsula and Italy.

Desafio Solar– 50 MW – Escatrón, Zaragoza / Cartuja – 50 MW – Jerez, Cadiz


The Everwood Renewable Strategy Funds currently have a joint portfolio of renewable projects with a capacity of 2 GW in Spain and 2 GW in the rest of Europe

Everwood Private Equity

Everwood Capital relies on the deep experience of its investment team to carry out investments in SMEs in strategic and high value-added sectors.

After raising 5 funds focused on investment in renewable energy infrastructure, in January 2023 Everwood Capital has decided to create a new vehicle specialized in investing in companies in the transportation and logistics sector. Spain's privileged location for the transit of goods in southern Europe, together with the growth trends of the sector, make this industry strategic, both at a national and European level.

The T&L fund will seek to invest in companies located in Spain and Portugal, with high growth prospects and the potential to carry out their professionalization and digitalization. The strategy to follow will be to look for “anchor” companies and possible “add-ons” for said companies within 5 key verticals of the sector:

Airport logistics

Port supply chain

Cold chain

Last Mille

Logistics technology

Everwood T&L Portfolio

As a first investment, the Transport and Logistics fund acquired a majority stake in the customs services company Partida Logistics, located in the port of Algeciras, one of the 5 largest ports in Europe, where it is a leader. Partida Logistics , has 132 employees, obtained net income of 8.2 million euros in 2022 and issued more than 120,000 DUAs (Single Administrative Document). The Everwood team will drive the growth and digital transformation of Partida Logistics , adapt the company to ESG criteria and seek to turn it into a large logistics operator of national and international reference.