Everwood Capital is committed to ESG criteria when carrying out its investments

Everwood Capital Values

Everwood Capital is governed by three core values, among others, which play a major role in our ESG activities:



Here at Everwood Capital we believe that people are the main asset of any organisation. They represent structures of added value both for the company and wider society as a whole. Therefore, we are committed to honest and stable human relations, within a framework of equal opportunities.



We strive to optimise all of the resources we require so as to minimise adverse social and environmental impacts and maximise the benefits gained from the use of these resources.


Commitment and Excellence

We are responsible for, and committed to acting at all times in a transparent and honest manner and to maintaining the highest ethical standards in everything we do. We firmly believe in the projects we invest in and, therefore, we co-invest alongside our investors in all of the funds / products that we offer.

The ESG criteria seek, among other things, to build a society that protects the environment, makes efficient and responsible use of of natural resources, creates a sustainable future for all stakeholders, has good risk management and a human resources policy that is respectful, efficient and focused on work-life balance.

The ESG criteria provide a framework to include environmental, social and governance factors in decision-making, performing a more in-depth analysis than that provided by the traditional purely financial criteria, thus enabling a comprehensive analysis of the investment. It provides the basis for a sustainable investment approach, enables investors to better manage risk and synchronise long-term return targets with sustainability.


Environmental considerations include the impact of an an investment on the ecosystem and on natural resources, such as the impact on land, the level of greenhouse gas emissions, the level of waste and pollution generated by the business activity, or the impact on local flora and fauna.


Social aspects include the relationships throughout the business value chain, the working conditions, diversity of teams, interaction with local communities and health and safety issues.


Governance resolves around how a company is managed, and includes aspects such as the independence of its board of directors, its executive remuneration structure, the accounting policies it uses and its tax strategy, among others.

In the framework of a responsible investment approach, we examine which of these factors are relevant and included in the overall analysis of any investment.

Everwood Capital is committed to these principles and has always played a proactive role in ensuring that these principles form the bedrock of its investments and its own structure. This is why Everwood Capital is a member of PRI (Principles for Responsivle Investment). PRI aims to understand the impact that environmental, social and governance issues have on investments and to advise its members on integrating these issues into their investment and ownership decisions. As a member of PRI, Everwood Capital takes on board the six principles for responsible investing set forth by PRI, as well as the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and reports regularly to this body through its Assessment and Transparency Reports , as part of its recurring obligations.